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Why Wait?

I have been slowly cleaning out my closet in the hopes that Summer may actually arrive. When it comes to my closest – I really, REALLY have a hard time getting rid of older or unused pieces, especially shoes.

I have been slowly cleaning out my closet in the hopes that Summer may actually arrive. When it comes to my closest – I really, REALLY have a hard time getting rid of older or unused pieces, especially shoes.

When I was going through my most beloved items (again…shoes), I realized that each pair was either bought at a time of accomplishment, or during a time of frustration. To be clear on MY parameters of accomplishment – I think I deserve a new pair of funky Steve Madden’s if the laundry is washed/dried and folded in the same day. That’s hitting a life goal. I wish I was talking about scaling Mt. Everest, that would call for a pair or three of Christian Louboutin’s.

But ladies, I’m not alone here, right? What do we do when we have a great day or overcome a challenge and want to reward ourselves? Buy shoes or handbags.

What do we do if we have a crap day and are feeling sorry for ourselves? Buy shoes or handbags.

We don’t wait for a birthday or anniversary and cross our fingers that our significant other picked up the hint. We click on our Zappo’s app, and have them on our doorstep in 24 hours. (Husband’s voice: “Are those new?” Wife: “Nah, I’ve had them forever, I just don’t wear them”).

So, I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately, and it has come up with one of my gal pal’s fellow jewelry store owner, Shelia Bayes – – and even among clients in the store. If a woman wants to celebrate achieving a goal – say a career promotion. Why do we feel like it’s okay to spend money on shoes, a gorgeous new handbag or a day at the spa…but not on a beautiful piece of jewelry?

Lemme back up:

Over the last couple of decades, the jewelry industry has done a tremendous job of branding “jewelry gift giving” as a romantic gesture. Catchy tag lines like “Every Kiss begins with Kay”, “He went to Jared”, “I am Loved”, immediately come to mind, as well as imagery of a woman stretched on a couch with her cup of tea who is then surprised by her soap opera looking husband who presents her with a sparkly gift. (As my step-son would say “cliché!”).

I AM curious as to why jewelry purchases are limited to that romantic gesture? I have heard women in our store say (too many times to count), “Gah…I wish he would buy me something like this”.

If he doesn’t …why can’t you? He’ll buy those new tires for his truck, or the new snowmobile that he’ll use three times this winter. (And dudes…why won’t you buy her something nice? I see you being tagged on Facebook. But that’s a topic for another time).

So, ladies – let’s start celebrating our accomplishments, jumping over daunting hurdles, rocking through that really tough spell, getting that curdled milk out of the couch, with something that will last the ages, jewelry! (Oh…and don’t get me going about the heirloom aspect! Again, that’s for another time).

Last thing, jewelry is WAY easier to clean if we spill wine on it.



Disclaimer: I am NOT against traditional, romantic presents between significant others. I celebrate it! I love the meaning and memories that can be relayed through a heart-felt jewelry gift. There is something very romantic and special when receiving a piece of jewelry from somebody you love.


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