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We’re a 3rd generation, locally owned business that is crazy connected to some of the world’s leading jewelry brands and innovators, but that’s not what makes this place cool. (Well...maybe a little.) The cool factor happens because people like you trust us to help you express your most epic feelings at key moments in your lives. Those are our favorite connections of all.

HOF has a little something extra...

Hint: It's a four-letter word!

Shown: Delight Lady Di

I was sitting here thinking why, after all these years, I am still enamored with Hearts On Fire Diamonds.

I have looked at literally millions of diamonds in my lifetime, and even though many of them show a distinct heart and fire burst pattern, those other diamonds are not quite the same.

Are they beautiful? No question. The better the cut, the prettier the diamond. That holds true.

Do other diamonds communicate personal messages to the giver and receiver? (And the world?) Of course they do. That's why diamonds were born in the first place. They are the ultimate communicator.

Is it the color and clarity? Maybe the size? Nah. It's not that either. When a diamond is cut well those things don't impact the sparkle and performance much.

So what is it? What do Hearts On Fire Diamonds have that other top tier diamonds don't?

In a word: SOUL.

Hearts On Fire Diamonds have soul.

I'm not kidding, Hearts On Fire Diamonds have a vibe and soul you can feel. They move people...like rock star legends and people who were born to dance.

Sounds a bit lofty, huh?

I suppose it is, until you want to show someone how mad you are about them. That's when diamonds tell you to "Hold my beer," and translate your emotions and intentions for you. In my mind Hearts On Fire Diamonds do it with more flair, taste, class and...dare I say...heart. (Because they have soul.)

Talk is cheap of course, so consider this a personal invitation to come in and see them for yourself.  (And let's face it, a "live" performance is a billion times better than a staged picture or spinning video.)

You'll learn a few things about diamond cutting along the way, but more than that, you'll see, and feel the difference.

Look, every diamond I choose for your consideration is pretty and better than you'll find in chain stores and overdone joints that tell you they're selling the same diamonds for less. (That's bull, BTW.) You can hang your hat on that and be proud of whatever you get from our store.

All I'm saying is Hearts On Fire has a little something called soul, and whether you choose to take one home with you or not, it's worth seeing.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon.

All the best,

Andy Koehn


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