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We are very serious about being a jewelry store that takes care of business for you, but this episode is just a bit too…oh…I don’t know…dry for us. When Jenn and I saw it we were more “Meh,” than “Cool!” so we decided to add a few sub-titles.  (Sorry producer/director people whom we LOVE.  We… read more

We spend our days (and many evenings) working to have the “right stuff” so your visit here is easy, fun, and successful.  The brands we keep are a big part of helping make that happen for you.  Here’s a quick run down of the brands we choose to carry: Thanks for the watch and please… read more

We talk a little bit about our “why,” where we met, and how the diamond business brought a Canadian born girl from Kentucky to a small town in Wisconsin.  

Our video series with KISS-FM. Nothing scripted. Nothing planned. Let’s see where this goes. How about a quick tour by way of introduction.  (Oh…and I love what Jenn says in this first vid.  “Retail is not dead, bad retail is dead.”  Truth.)   Thanks for the watch and please comment and share if you’re so… read more