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They are “real,” and they are here. Diamonds created and grown above ground from our newest partner called Green Rocks. Suspend judgment for a bit, and contemplate this: we are at a point in history where diamonds are being created by human beings. “They’re both diamonds, they have the same chemical properties, the same physical… read more

So this is happening…and we are really excited for you to be a part of it!  Stop in and find out all the details.  It’s for REAL.  (You might even leave with a little gift.  Hint, hint.)    

We just finished putting out one of our NEW bridal lines from Canadian designer, Noam Carver. I love them.  They have some sort of life or energy or something.  Like most art or music or visceral things, it’s hard to explain.  It leaves an impression.  You see it…and you know there’s something special and different… read more

The Tacori Promise Bracelet is awesome. And it speaks.  It says: “Wow!  We made it.  Let’s keep going!” It is inspiring, and thoughtful, and packs a symbolic wallop almost as powerful as a diamond engagement ring.  It’s unexpected with a timeless style…and holy smokes this is starting to sound like a Love Letter to a piece… read more

  Guess what? We sealed the deal with that new designer I told you about in my last email! We’re crazy excited because it’s fresh, and cool, and stands out in the jewelry and fashion worlds.  (It’s gonna’ stand out in your world too!)  It’s also a top brand with celebs like Taylor Swift and… read more

The brands we keep are awesome. Not just because I say so, but because you say so. I may have found them and earned the right to bring them here…but YOU are the ones who keep them here. For all the romantic talk and sexual innuendo that is the underpinning of our industry, the simple… read more

I sat down to write an “homage” of sorts about Hearts On Fire, because as most of you know…they’re my favorite. Trouble is it was taking forever, and all I really wanted to do is introduce you to this video, which pretty much captures everything I was trying to say. Crazy, huh? Anyway, it’s called… read more

I’m sure you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  For many people the spirit of BC Awareness is one of support, courage and hope…and rightly so.  It does save lives.  It does help people living with breast cancer feel less alone, and it does give hope.  It does matter. But for me,… read more