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Why I Believe Jewelry is a Need…

[Note: I don’t think I’m giving away anyone’s identity in this post.  I hope not anyway.  I suppose some people will connect the dots, but I assure  you, I am not trying to invade anyone’s privacy.  This kind of thing hits me where it counts, and it’s a reminder that what we do, and the people we do it for(you), is larger than Life sometimes.  It’s humbling, and an honor to be a part of your memories.  Just sayin’…]

Where to begin?  How about here:

A young woman asked her friend to drop off several jewelry items so we could fix them, and make them look like new again.   They are her most cherished pieces, and she is giving them to the people she loves most, before she passes on.

It’s poetic and brave…sad and beautiful.

It’s an amazing gesture…punctuated by the material gifts she is entrusting to the people who will care for them next.  No doubt it will lead to a flood of memories…not the least of which will be the moment she presents them with their gifts.

There is a question in the world at large that I hear from time-to-time, and the answers are as varied as the people who give their opinion:

Is jewelry a want or a need?

I suppose it’s a bit of both, but I lean toward “need,” especially during the most pivotal moments in our lives…the happy, and the sad.  Precious metals and rare gemstones, fashioned together by the hands of artisans, are touchstones to future dreams and moments that were.

Jewelry communicates with clarity and purpose.  It says, “Will you marry me?”  “I am strong.” “Let’s keep going!” and in this case, “I will miss you, remember me.”

As one of my best friends once said to me, “It (jewelry) fills the gap between our head and our heart.”  Amen to that.

It is an honor to play a small part in this woman’s wish to show the people she loves just how important they are to her…now…and forever.

Jewelry is a need, and I was reminded of that today.

Thank you all for allowing us to play a part in your most important experiences and moments.  It means a lot that you come to us for such things.



Andy Koehn

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