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The Promise Was Kept…

The Tacori Promise Bracelet is awesome.

And it speaks.  It says:

“Wow!  We made it.  Let’s keep going!”

It is inspiring, and thoughtful, and packs a symbolic wallop almost as powerful as a diamond engagement ring.  It’s unexpected with a timeless style…and holy smokes this is starting to sound like a Love Letter to a piece of jewelry.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that The Promise Bracelet is another way that fine jewelry can help two people communicate without words…and hold on to past success’s and future dreams.  That’s some timeless stuff right there.

Oh…and the key?  Yes, it really does lock the clasp.  Awesome.

How about I be quiet now and let you watch this video instead?  It’s just over 2 minutes long, and worth a re-watch if you’ve seen it before.  (You’ll still cry.)

If you haven’t seen it then it is my distinct honor to introduce you to it here.

Take a look…then close your eyes and think of the person you’d like to present it to, or receive it from.  We have them here for that moment when you realize “the promise was kept,” and you’d like to show it, and share it.

Thank you for reading and watching.  We love you for it…




Andy Koehn

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