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50 Random Acts of Kindness and Why We Did It

Our first attempt at 50 Random Acts in the month of October is done…and we are SO thrilled to say we got 50 done, plus some!

From surprise flowers, to paid for dinners, coffee, pizzas and massages, gas and grocery cards…it has been an amazing experience.
What really surprised me was how the community reached out, in private, to volunteer their services. They didn’t want to be recognized, or acknowledged…just wanted to offer their help. Absolutely love this!

Our message of “why” hasn’t been clearly understood…so here it goes!

Koehn & Koehn has been in or near this area for almost 100 years…and we are so thankful, and wanted to do something to show our appreciation. We figured this was the perfect timing due to this crazy, tense political time we are in. We believe that no matter what happens in Washington D.C, as long as we take care of our people in our communities…we will be more than fine. (Hence the song, and this video…)

Again, we wanted to start a kindness revolution…so who is going to keep it going?!!
(If you like this post, if you don’t mind sharing…it is one simple way to get the revolution started!).

All the Best,

Jenn Koehn
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