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Time for the Reveal! (Sort of…)



Guess what?

We sealed the deal with that new designer I told you about in my last email!

We’re crazy excited because it’s fresh, and cool, and stands out in the jewelry and fashion worlds.  (It’s gonna’ stand out in your world too!)  It’s also a top brand with celebs like Taylor Swift and J. Lo who wear it because they love it…not because it’s gifted or they’re paid to wear it.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to tell you who it is yet because if I were you, I’d want to click through links right away to see the jewelry and learn more about it.

Trouble is, the folks at “website central” aren’t done uploading all the products to our website, so you can’t do that just yet. (No links!)

I decided to wait until everything is in place online before I go for the big “Reveal,” but I also wanted to let you know that something NEW and GREAT is waiting for you here.  We actually have the jewelry in the store, and Michelle, our inventory goddess, just finished logging it in…so you can see it LIVE whenever you’re ready!

How about we consider this a personal invitation to come in and try it on, and play with it and have some fun before the rest of the world learns our little secret?  Experiencing things in real life is better than a digital attempt anyway, and it’s kind of cool to be one of the first to know about certain somethings.

Until next time, be good, and thanks a ton for reading!



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