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I was talking to my wife the other day about our business, and as usual I touched on the “why” of Koehn & Koehn Jewelers.

I repeat it often to the people I know on the “inside”: my staff, our vendors, fellow jewelry store owners, and local entrepreneurs just like me.

But it occurred to me that I’ve never really shared it with you…our customers, friends, and family.

And so today I’d like to let you in on my personal motivation for continuing the legacy that was started long ago by my grandfather.  (He started as a watch maker’s apprentice in the early 1900’s.  More on that in a future post.)

The “Why” of Koehn & Koehn Jewelers

For me, I feel that my unending job is to create a physical space that is welcoming to people who are in the market for meaningful tokens of affection and powerful symbols of commitment.  That is my self-imposed job description, and I take it seriously.

When it works, and you are happy because of what we do for and with you, I am proud.  We have succeeded.

If we fail…it’s another story.  I become the distraught artist who knows he could have done better…and I sit and think and plot as I try to find ways to get back on track to create something that will inspire and please his audience.  (It’s never really good enough…or so a true artist believes.)

I suppose that sounds a bit lofty…but it’s true.  This business…like all small business’s…is both numbers and art.  It’s head and heart.

Of course this “why” extends beyond what I want.  Small business owners know that if and when we do our jobs well, then our staff has a safe place to spread their own wings and make a living doing something exciting and fulfilling.

I can tell that happens when they feel like they’ve helped you get that much closer to living the life you dream about.  Whether it’s finding the perfect ring to say, “Will you marry me?” or a diamond necklace that quietly whispers, “It’s been a tough year, honey.  But we’re still here…and I’m ready to carry on together.”

Those are the small segments of time that mark big moments in your life…and we get that.  We laugh and cry and cheer with you, and I am honored when you trust us enough to include us at these times in your life.

It’s a big deal to me, and in the end, it’s why Koehn & Koehn Jewelers exists in its present form.  It’s why we pour our heart and soul and time and money into it.  Day after day…year after year.  It’s because of you.

Thank you a thousand times for including us in the big and small moments of your life.  It means everything to us.

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Andy Koehn

6 Responses to “OUR “WHY”…”

  1. Janice Ritger says:

    I have known of Koehn & Koehn for a long time. My husband & I purchased by diamond from the little cornor store attached to the theatre downtown. I worked downtown and would always stop and look at the jewelery in the window. There it was-the diamond I still wear today! Years later when my mother passed away and she left us an inheritance I came to the present store and there I found another beautiful treasure (a diamond band ring). Both my daugher and daughter-in-law wear beautiful “Hearts on Fire” diamond rings from your store. Thank you for being that small business owner!

  2. Andy Koehn says:

    I LOVE those stories…especially the ones about looking in the jewelry store window when it was my grandfather’s store. I hear them often these days…and I can’t help but wonder what he would think about where we are now. It’s because of people like you and your daughter and daughter-in-law that we are still here. We will never forget that. (I learned that from my grandfather and my dad. Guess I was actually listening. Ha!) Thank for the comment too!

  3. Mike Hager says:

    Thanks Andy. Hats off to you and your staff..
    Your store is the only store I buy my jewelery at.
    My wife loves everything I buy from you.
    You ROCK!!!

  4. Andy Koehn says:

    You’re welcome and THANK YOU for the comment and of course for keeping us in the family 😉 We appreciate it very much!


  5. Jeffrey Muras says:

    Thank you, I really appreciated the welcome feeling and the excellent staff. You came up to me and introduced yourself,, that meant a lot. My niece loved her earrings! I will definitely be back, it’s the care and price that make it worth the while. Thanks again. Jeffrey.

  6. Andy Koehn says:

    Hey Jeffrey! Yes…I’m the same way. I love it when people take time to say HI to me. Such a small thing, huh? Can’t get that kind of thing online…and honestly…it’s one of the best parts. Meeting real, live people. Thank you so much for the comment and feedback. I’ll be sure to let everyone know your niece loved what you got here. Take care…and thanks!


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