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Thankful, and Remembering…

written thank you

NOTE: This business is more than selling jewelry to us.  On the surface it’s why we’re here, it’s how we pay the bills, and how we support our community.  We are glad that so many people see us as the place to go to find ways to express their inner-most feelings to the one’s they love.  But it’s more than that to us…and it’s cool that our customer’s let it be that way.  I just wanted to frame this post so it’s not coming out of left field.

One of our favorite customer’s left this world today.  He was far more than a customer though…as so many of you are.

He was a great man.  A presence when he came into the store…a character.  But underneath his exuberant, brash exterior…was a man with a heart of gold.  (And it wasn’t hidden very deep either.  It didn’t take long to figure out that this guy was a man in the traditional sense that I grew up with.  He took care of the people who counted on him…whether they knew it or not.  I can’t be sure of this…but I sensed it…and I think I’m right.)

We are sad today.   And thankful…and remembering with wistful expressions…of better days passed…and the fact that he and his family let us into their lives in a small way.

Business books, and blog posts, and “Go Get ‘Em!” pictures that are splashed all over social media seem to measure success in pure dollars.  Of course that isn’t true.  It’s more than money…it’s about connections…and new beginnings and fulfilling the fundamental desires of people great and small through what we do.

So I guess this is an open letter to our clients…past, present, and future…who add to the fabric of our lives because of who you are.  It’s a public THANK YOU…maybe even a blessing from a little store that truly does care about what we do…and who we do it for.

We will miss seeing this man for many reasons.  But as John just said to me, “I always loved the energy he brought into the store.  I’m going to miss that more than anything.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you, Sir.  For everything…


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