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We know #Tacori Girl’s all over the world…not just under the California sun.  Is it you?  (We think it is…)

Disclaimer: As far as I know the man responsible for the quote below, John Ruskin, was not in the jewelry business.  I am not related to Mr. Ruskin, and I couldn’t possibly have met him.  I don’t owe him any money, and he has no compromising pictures of me in Vegas, nor is this about settling… read more

It will be love at first sight when you discover PANDORA’s new Valentine’s Day Collection.  Overflowing with timeless symbols of love, these romantic collections of .925 sterling silver and 14Kt gold jewlery will capture her heart. (OK…I didn’t actually write that…but it’s a nice way to say, “We have some cool,pre-selected gifts that’ll do the trick… read more