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  I was talking to my wife the other day about our business, and as usual I touched on the “why” of Koehn & Koehn Jewelers. I repeat it often to the people I know on the “inside”: my staff, our vendors, fellow jewelry store owners, and local entrepreneurs just like me. But it occurred… read more

I sat down to write an “homage” of sorts about Hearts On Fire, because as most of you know…they’re my favorite. Trouble is it was taking forever, and all I really wanted to do is introduce you to this video, which pretty much captures everything I was trying to say. Crazy, huh? Anyway, it’s called… read more

The hunt continues for one more key individual to help us round out our Sales Team.  I thought I would make a quick video for anyone that’s interested in working here to give you an idea about what we look for when we decide who’s going to be the newest addition to “The Band” as… read more

I’m sure you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  For many people the spirit of BC Awareness is one of support, courage and hope…and rightly so.  It does save lives.  It does help people living with breast cancer feel less alone, and it does give hope.  It does matter. But for me,… read more

          We’ve had a rash of “secret shoppers” coming into our store lately…and while flattering…it’s getting to be a little much. And so, in the interest of efficiency I’d like to come out and just tell our competitor’s the secret of our success: Be Authentic. Now you know our little secret.  That should save… read more

I don’t want to go too deep on this one…it is only a little pearl after all…but it’s a cute story that I’d like to share because I’m not sure even our cynical, easily offended world can find something wrong with it. I stopped in the store briefly today to get a few odds-and-ends squared… read more

  Between now and June 21st, you save 30% on select Alex and Ani products in store! Plus, Alex and Ani will donate 15% to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for every one sold!  Did we mention this is the first time Alex and Ani is on SALE? (Sweet.) Take 30% OFF all the styles you see… read more

NOTE: This business is more than selling jewelry to us.  On the surface it’s why we’re here, it’s how we pay the bills, and how we support our community.  We are glad that so many people see us as the place to go to find ways to express their inner-most feelings to the one’s they… read more

Alex and Ani started it all, and while there are wanna’ be’s and copycats out there…not a one of them truly understands why Alex and Ani strikes such an emotional chord with so many awesome women around the globe. They are the first…the real deal…the renegades.  (And the bracelets are only $28?!  Yup.  Renegades.) Of course… read more

I originally sent this as an email to our clients months, and months ago.  I came across it today…and realized I meant every word…and thought it was worthy of posting here.  I hope you agree. ~AK I have tried to come up several different and compelling openings to this post, because I have a point… read more